Applicant Registration closes by 11:59pm on Friday 3rd May, 2013.


The following are the agencies under the Ministry:

  • Agency for Youth Development (AYD)
  • Oyo State Sports Council (SC)
  • Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC)
  • Crown Football Club, Ogbomosho (CFC)
  • National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).


The Ministry of Youth & Sports was created from the erstwhile Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports and Culture with an enabling law No.11 enacted by the State House of Assembly on the 12th of September 2003.


To see that people in the State have access to conventional sporting activities, which will provide for professionalism, recreation, emotional and physical sound health, and to have youth in the State gainfully employed, empowered, self-reliant, having inculcated in them the right values for the development of the society.


  • To provide physical fitness centers for the promotion of physical and mental health of the people in the state.
  • To provide improved sporting infrastructures for better performance of sports men and women, leading to promotion of professionalism in sports and increase Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).
  • To evolve, implement and monitor programmes which are necessary for the guidance of youth in their physical, social and economic development.
  • To provide leadership capacity buildings for youth and mobilize them for voluntary services in the society
  • To establish youth centres for the purpose of meaningful interaction among the youth.